Color Data Collection

Collect color data by color measurement job preparation and execution

The 2nd feature in the SpectroProofer Utilities is to let us print the characterization color target for color data collection, some people may use a generic term – ICC profile target. In here we always print the TC9.18 chart, which provide 918 samples, as our measurement target.

Work Selection

In here we have the options to choose creating a new measurement or check color compare to previous measurement and printed the color certification label. Since our main purpose is to create a custom ICC profile instead of color certification. We can go ahead to select the first option – Printing and color measurement of color chart for color data collection.

Select task to be executed between color measurement vs. check colors

Measuring Color work selection

Basic Settings

Chart Settings – We have two RGB charts, the TC2.83 the TC9.81, for choice. Since we are interested to obtain the best color matching possible with more sample points provided, we always select the TC9.18 chart which consists of 918 color patches for sampling.

Media Settings – In here we select the media type. If you are using custom paper other than the Epson. Choose the media type best describe your paper characteristic. It is worth to spend a minute to write down which media type you selected to remind yourself in PhotoShop print settings in the future.

Specify Chart Type and Media Type

Measure Color Basic Settings

Print Settings

Black Ink Type – Specify between Photo Black and Matte Black. Sometimes media type might limit our choice on the ink type selection.

Quality – The choice of quality level is associate to the quality boxes being checked during the previous Printer Linearization process. If a particular quality level was not selected during the linearization job, a warning message will appear to remind us that quality level did not have

Specify Black Ink Type and Quality

Measure Color Print Settings

Color Measurement Settings

Saved File – Set the file name and the location to be saved for the color measurement data.

Drying Settings – The built in air blast fan allow us to shorten the drying time to speed up the entire process. Since our ILS20EPUV spectrophotometer has the UV Cut Filter installed, the UV Cut Filter option is always on by default in the application.

UV Cut Filter – Since the ILS20EPUV spectrophotometer has the UV cut filter installed, this option is also dim out.

Specify the saved file location, drying time and OBA handling

Color Measurement Settings

Taking care of the Optical Brightener Agent in the paper

The ILS20EPUV has the UV Cut Filter installed, it helps remove the UV spectrum data causing by the fluorescent Optical Brightener Agent (OBA) on the paper if there is any. With the OBA present, the light measuring instrument will only see the OBA as a different form of blue. Without the UV Cut Filter present, the paper might appear yellow tinted because the profile is trying to correct for what it sees as too much blue in the paper.

Color Data Collection

SpectroProofer Measuring Color profile chart


After the colors are measured and the data file was created. We can check the job result in the Job status confirmation option window to make sure “Completed” is displayed in the first column.

Measuring job completed

Measure color completed


Create custom profile

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