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Best Perspex Reverse Mounting (Facemount) in Hong Kong

Perspex Reverse Mounting (Face Mount)

Perspex reverse mounting, also known as facemounting, is a unique and visually striking method of picture framing. It involves adhering a photographic print to a sheet of Perspex (a brand of acrylic glass) with an optically clear adhesive, and then mounting the print onto an aluminium composite backing (a.k.a dibond). The result is a frameless, transparent display that appears to “float” off the wall.

The features and benefits of perspex reverse mounting or facemounting:

  • Depth and Dimension: The Perspex sheet adds depth and dimension to the image, enhancing its visual impact. The transparency of the material allows light to pass through, giving the image a luminous quality and creating a sense of depth that traditional framing methods may not achieve.
  • Clarity and Brilliance: The use of Perspex ensures exceptional clarity and brilliance of the image. The acrylic glass has excellent light transmission properties, allowing the colors and details of the photograph to remain vibrant and sharp.
  • Protection: Facemounting provides protection for the photograph by sandwiching it between the Perspex and a backing aluminium composite. This helps guard against moisture, UV light, dust, and other potential sources of damage, preserving the longevity of the print.
  • Contemporary and Sleek Appearance: The frameless design of perspex reverse mounting gives a modern and sleek appearance to the artwork. The image appears to be floating, with no visible borders or distractions, allowing the viewer to focus solely on the image itself.
  • Versatility: Facemounting can be done with various types of photographs, including digital prints, fine art prints, and even transparencies. It is suitable for a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and portraits to abstract and contemporary art.
  • Customization Options: Perspex reverse mounting allows for customization options, such as choosing the thickness of the Perspex sheet.
Perspex Reverse Mounting Hong Kong
Face Mount
Perspex Reverse Mounting Hong Kong
Perspex Reverse Mounting Hong Kong

Our most popular Perspex Reverse Mounting (Face Mount)

Perspex Reverse Mounting (Acrylic Face Mounting) is a popular choice for those looking for a solution that enhances the color of artwork or photos, and provides a flawless high-gloss finish. It is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of Perspex and Dibond.

Perspex Reverse Mounting is very popular for high quality large photographic prints for exhibition use. It gives a high definition effect and brilliant colour, with stunning flawless results.

Choose between 3mm and 5mm acrylic perspex

In additional to the standard 3mm thick acrylic sheet, you can choose 5mm thickness instead. 

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The hanging subframe

The subframe can be chosen between wooden and aluminium, mount to each finish DIBOND or aluminium composite gives 3 dimensional floating presence to your artwork or photos.

Perspex Reverse Mounting size from 8.25 x 11.75 (A4) to 60 x 118 inches.

High polished edges same as acrylic photo blocks can be applied, please contact us for details.

It’s important to note that perspex reverse mounting or facemounting is a specialized framing technique that requires professional expertise and specialized equipment. If you’re interested in this style of framing, it’s best to consult with us and SpectrArt HKFAP is specializes in this method to ensure the best results.

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