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About Canvas Gallery Wrap

Canvas Gallery Wrap with canvas print is one of the most stunning product for home decoration. Unlike the photographic paper, artists and photographer can add more creativities to their fine art prints. Creates both modern or classic oil painting look pictures to appreciate their works.

There are several Canvas Gallery Wrap options of your choice. The folded edge method are often used. The image is printed large enough to wrap onto sides of canvas. Some might want to have mirrored edge to create a reflection edge effect. The sides of the image are mirrored to seamlessly cover the sides of the canvas. You can also choose the simple colored edge as an option. The image is only on the face of the Canvas. Sides of the canvas can be left blank or add any color.

SpectrArt HKFAP is a fine art print making and framing studio in Hong Kong, we have been working with many artists, photographers, both hobbies and professionals, worldwide. We provide highest quality imaging, printing and framing services from input to output workflows. We understand what extreme high quality means, and our customer’s quality expectation and our passion drive us to deliver the best quality of fine art photo printing on the market.