Japanese Washi print wrap and mount on wooden panel

mounted washi wrap

Washi Fine Art Print mount on wooden panel (Washi Wrap)

Washi Wrap on wooden panel is one of the newest type of gallery wrap framing styles. It is similar to Canvas gallery wrap, Japanese Washi can be used. In SpectrArt we have different types of Fine Art Inkjet Washi suitable for all kind of images to print on.

Unlike the photographic paper, artists and photographer can add more creativities to their fine art prints, create both modern or classic oil painting look pictures to appreciate their works.

We select Awagami Inkjet paper for our wooden panel mounting, and Kozo (mulberry) is very suitable for this type of mounting style. Kozo is a traditional fiber used to make washi that produce exceptionally strong archival papers. In additional to wrapping over panels, Kozo is recommended for photos, giclee’ prints, museum quality reproductions, fine art, scrolls etc…It is great for backlit, other applications where you may need a very strong / semi-transparent paper.

Japanese Washi float mount with floater box frame

There are several wrapping options of your choice. You can choose the simple colored edge option, on which image is only on the face of the mounted washi wrap, sides of the washi wrap can be image itself, or just simple white or black. Most of the artists welcome the folded edge method, the image is printed large enough to wrap onto sides of the wooden panel. Some might want to have Mirrored edge to create a reflection edge effect, the sides of the image are mirrored to seamlessly cover the sides of the panel. The mirrored edge method is shown in our example image.

Floater washi wrap

Add Stylish Floater Frame to Washi Wrap wooden panel

All our washi prints are printed with permanent pigment inks, providing superb colour intensity, image sharpness to meet archival quality. You can easily re-create high end museum and gallery Fine Art masterpieces with us.

Adding a floater frame to washi wrapping panel is another popular framing method. A shadow gap between the panel and the floater frame creates a stylish decoration for all kinds of interior.

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This floater box framing style become one of the most chosen framing styles by artists and photographers nowadays. Our ILFORD GALERIE floater frames are made of high quality aluminium with an anodised finish, the floater styles quickly becomes one of the favorite framing options chosen by the contemporary galleries. Metal and wood are commonly used as box mount material.

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