As early as 1830, Platinum/Palladium printing was developed in pieces over time by a number of dedicated artists and scientists
Now we are excited to add this alternative photographic printing process to our list of service

Platinum Palladium Print

Similar to the conventional silver prints produce in the darkroom, each Palladium print has its own characteristics and slight different tone should be expected. What make our Palladium print services different is we utilize the “Pictorico pro digital negative film” which has become a de-facto standard in the platinum / palladium printing process nowadays.

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Image Last Forever

People always look for long lasting prints for their valuable images. With advanced technology, the Inkjet (Giclée) can easily meet this archival purpose and can store up to 100+ years without degradation. However, it is still nothing like the Platinum and Palladium printing process which can produce extreme long lasting prints.

Platinum Print

By combining digital and analog processes, this hybrid photographic print process will give us flexibilities on tone reproduction, easy to adjust the highlight mid-tone and shadows with the greatest dynamic range of your image.

Platinum Print
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