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Canvas Print with Gallery Wrap (Stretch Bar Mounting)

We offer one of the best Canvas Printing services in Hong Kong. Our printing technology enable wide color gamut for rich colors and dense black. ILFORD Galerie Prestige Canvas come with OBA-free, highly accurate color reproduce on natural white canvas substrate.

Canvas prints is one of the most stunning product for home decoration. Unlike the photographic paper, artists and photographer can add more creativities to their fine art prints, create both modern or classic oil painting look pictures to appreciate their works.

There are several wrapping options of your choice. You can choose the simple colored edge option, on which image is only on the face of the Canvas, sides of the canvas can be any color, or just simple white or black. The next most used option is the folded edge method, the image is printed large enough to wrap onto sides of canvas. Some might want to have Mirrored edge to create a reflection edge effect, the sides of the image are mirrored to seamlessly cover the sides of the canvas. The mirrored edge method is shown in our example image.

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Semi-Matt canvas print

Canvas Protect gives different Touch and Feel to your Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are widely use for portraiture, landscapes, contemporary art or even black and white photography. With the options between Glossy and Matt surface, your creativity is limitless.

We understand some artists prefer gloss finish, but you might be a big fan of matt Canvas. You have the options to choose between the Glossy and Matt Canvas finishing.

See it yourself with the example images.

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