Piezography is the only system capable of printing tens of thousands of gray levels, because it makes use of multi-shades of gray inks, making it a perfect accompaniement to 16 bit raw photography.

Hong Kong Epson ink Fine Art PrintPiezography Hong Kong Fine Art Print

Unlike Other Photography Print Making Piezography on Japanese Washi

Most photographer and artist are familiar with papers like Baryta and Smooth Cotton, using with Piezography is an excellent choice for monochrome photography. In additional to these common paper on the market, we extend the beauty of monochorme prints with Japanese Washi paper with Piezo inks.

We understand each paper has its own characteristic, and that require a series of calibration procedures to bring out the best quality from the paper and inks combination.  We carefully select extraordinary Japanese Washi papers, which created for the highest quality digital inkjet prints with Piezography. The papers (suitable for photographers, artists & designers) are crafted from natural fibers + pure mountain water thus insuring museum quality archival prints. Of course they are 100% acid-free, to meet museum grade archival quality.

Choice of Fine Art Paper

  • ILFORD Smooth Cotton Rag
  • ILFORD Texture Cotton Rag
  • ILFORD Fine Art Smooth
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Bright White

Choice of Washi

  • Awagami Mitumata Double Layered
  • Awagami Bizan Handmade w/ deckle edge
  • Awagami Murakumo Kozo Select White / Natural
  • Awagami Kozo White / Natural
  • Awagami Bamboo
  • Awagami Unyru White
  • ILFORD Torinoko

Each paper is calibrated by our print specialist. Ink patches are measured and ink limits are set for each individual paper. That ensure only the right amount of inks will lay down on paper.  Obtain maximum black without exceeding the ink limit that each paper can absorb.

Piezo inks consists multiple shades of gray inks, determine overlapping between maximum black to the lightest shade of gray is critical. We carefully set the highlight and shadow of each gray channels, allow each print to achieve highest monochrome image quality on full serious of washi paper.

Why Pieozography?

Instead of using the conventional 3-step gray inks to output continuous gray tones, Piezography use 7 gray inks (100% pigment inks) to make monochrome prints. All prints are able to realize very high sharpness and extraordinary smooth gradation, highly descriptive shadows and highlights. It is excellent preservation further enhance the value of the work, especially on Matt paper faithfully reproduces the texture with excellent details of the subject.

Piezography ink set Hong Kong

The system combined with up to seven shades of carbon ink, these proprietary media profiles produce greater detail, without compromise on tone reproduction. Smoother skin tones, increased shadow and highlight detail, and substantially more grey levels than the Epson ABW system.

Special printing technique gives you extremely high resolution

The finest details you can never get from normal inkjet printing

As Piezography prints using 7 grey inks (100% pigment ink) not only extend your Monochrome gradation on your prints, the ink set can print to extreme fine detail. Unlike normal inkjet printing technology, super high resolution images can be printed on smaller paper. Piezography ensures your fine art prints will have more details and reflects high sharpness elements in your photo.

Check our Piezography Archival Solution Set

100% Acid Free Cotton Rag Matboard, together with Acid Free Corrugated Dropside box

Archival Box Set