We want to make sure you will receive highest quality services from us, therefore our studio is booked by appointment only. Please send us an email to let us know the services you are interested, and will get back to you with further information and provide quotation by return.

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We understand artists and photographers’ works are not always in standard sizes, and we don’t want to limit the creativity. Since paper + sizes combinations are unlimited, it is difficult for us to put together a standard price list. 

We have many types of paper for you to choose, the choice of paper like Awagami Japanese Washi, ILFORD, PICTRAN, and Epson fine art paper etc.. For printing services we have 3 major types: 1) Giclée Pigment prints, 2) Piezography print, and 3) Platinum/Palladium print making using digital negative.  

We provide custom services framing and it is difficult to provide catalog and price list. We have details service information on our website and keep adding new services, please check the latest information on our website.

The ideal resolution (ppi) of your print depends mostly on how far away the print is from the viewer. Here’s a chart to show you what resolution to aim for when creating your print.

Viewing DistancePixel Per Inch
0.6m / 2ft240 ppi
1m / 3.3ft180 ppi
1.5m / 5ft120 ppi
2m / 6.5ft80 ppi
3m / 10ft60 ppi
5m / 16ft30 ppi
10m / 33ft15 ppi
15m / 50ft12 ppi
50m / 160ft4 ppi
60m / 200ft3 ppi
200m / 650ft1 ppi

Our Fine Art pigment printer can print up to 64″ or 1,625mm wide Fine Art paper roll media. You can consider this is the short side of the Fine Art Print. The long size is depends on the total length of the paper roll from 12 meters. 

Archival refers to the state of being something designed to last for a long time; for example, that printing was designed to last for a long time. Giclee print (pigment prints) are significantly better than most of the chemical development processing technologies. If the print is handled with proper care and storage, then the answer is yes, we are able to provide archival prints.

In most of the photo applications, we determine the print quality by “Pixel Per Inch” or “ppi”. You will need to know your image dimension (W x H) pixel values to determine the print size. We have written a post will help you find out the numbers.

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Upon receipt of payment, and the image files are good for production. It will take 2 – 3 work days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) for the prints to send out.

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Platinum print making is relatively more complicated than pigment digital printing, and it is a wet print making process. Upon receipt of payment, and the image files are good for production. It will take around 7 work days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)  for the prints to send out.

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Upon receipt of payment, and the image / print quality are ready for production. We will send you a “Production Specifications” document to obtain your approval. Once the specs is approved, it requires 5~7 work days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) to complete the framing.

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Recommended image format and settings:

  • Color Mode for color and black & white: RGB
  • Color working space: AdobeRGB 1998
  • File format: TIFF preferred, and JPG
  • Bit depth: 16 bit preferred.
  • Resolution : 240 PPI

We have a link for image file upload, or you can send us your own image download link also works.

Data submission page

Maximum paper size for Platinum / Palladium is 16 x 20″, image size 14 x 17″ with ~1″ white border.

Piezography is a brand of monochromatic inks and software that produce what is unarguably the absolute highest-standard in black and white printing. Although the same ink set can be used for positive image fine art prints, our primarily use of Piezography is to make Piezo Digital Negative in house for Platinum Print. Our current set up for Piezograpahy prints maximum paper roll media width is limited to 17″, larger than that will have to switch to “K3 Selenium” print. The K3 Selenium can print up to 44″ roll media.

Piezography and UltraChrome K3 both produce monochromatic prints. Piezography uses 7 shades of grey inks, and UltraChrome K3 Selenium tone use 3 shades of grey inks + 5 colors.

Should you need an 1 on 1 consultation with us. You are welcome to order a 30 minute prepaid “Personal Consultation” session under using the booking form below. We will credit back the full amount to you when you make a purchase within 30 days after the session ended. 

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