Contemporary mounting & framing styles you can choose

Our services not only limited to Fine Art Printing. We also a frame shop in Hong Kong. Same as most of the art frame gallery in Hong Kong, we offer high quality art frames, wall frames with special mounting technique to go with your prints and photos. We work to museum-quality standards, select the highest quality materials for every job, include acid-free mat board and contemporary stylish frames and custom cleat hanging.

We understand every piece of our clients’ work is special, we often push our limit to drive for perfection. We have wide variety glass material from conventional acrylic sheet, to UV-99 and Anit-reflective Museum Glass.  They are popular for simple Passe-partout (acid-free, 100% cotton mat board with a cutout), Boxed-style framing to Perspex Reverse (Face) mountingCanvas Gallery WrapDibondBox Mount, Washi Wrap, Floater, and more.

Archival Solution Set

Not all pictures and photo prints will get wall hanging. We provide Archival Solution for you to store your fine art prints in Acid free archival photo box. Each box can store as many as 14 passe partout sets, and it is easy to carry for travel.

Cotton Rag Archival Matboard
Piezography archival set
Platinum Palladium prints framed with Archival Set
Archival Solution Set

Quality Craftsmanship!

Faming & Mounting Services