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Boxed framing, also known as box frame or shadow box framing, is a framing style commonly used in the presentation of artwork, photographs, and other decorative items. The visible gap between the artwork and glazing, along with the choice of mat and frame colors, can add a decorative element to the overall presentation. This style allows for creative customization, allowing you to choose different colors, textures, and materials to complement the artwork and suit your personal taste or the intended aesthetic.

Boxed framing creates depth and dimension by using a box-like structure that encloses the artwork. The artwork is mounted on a backing board, and a spacer or mat is often used to create a visible gap between the artwork and the glazing (acrylic). The enclosed space helps to keep the artwork away from direct contact with the glazing, reducing the risk of damage from moisture, dust, or physical contact.


Boxed framing can enhance the visual impact of the artwork by creating a three-dimensional effect. The depth created by the box frame adds a sense of depth and presence, making the artwork appear more prominent and captivating.

Boxed framing can be customized to fit various sizes and shapes of artwork. It can accommodate objects with different thicknesses, such as canvas paintings, three-dimensional art, or memorabilia.

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Box frame box mount
Fine Art Print with Box mount
Box mount framing style

Sit in Box Frame / Box Mount

Similar to Passe-partout framing style, box mount frame is another popular framing styles artists and photographers will choose to display their works. The box mount use thicker frame to create a casting shadow on the print, it becomes a popular contemporary gallery style frames nowadays. Metal and wood are commonly used as box mount material. The picture frame may contain a pane of picture framing glass, or an acrylic sheet like acrylite or plexiglas to protect the picture.

We carrie framing glass which treated with anti-reflective coatings to make the glass virtually invisible under certain lighting conditions.

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Longevity Consideration

For picture frame is expected to be exposed to direct sunlight, or harsh lighting conditions such as fluorescent lights. We also offer optional UV100 acrylic / glass for longevity purpose, it helps slow down the photocatalytic degradation of your picture and fine art print.

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