Passe-Partout Framing

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The passe-partout framing style, also known as matting or mat board framing, is a popular method used in the presentation and preservation of artwork, photographs, and other visual materials. It involves using a mat board—a flat, usually cardboard-like material with a window cutout—to surround the artwork or photograph within a frame.

Passe Partout Fine Art Print

Classic framing with Passe-partout style

Passe-partout framing is one of the most popular framing styles artists and photographers choose to exhibit their works. Passe-partout is the French term for a mat, a paper or, more usually, cardboard sheet with cutout, which placed under the glass but more often the acrylic sheet in a modern picture framing style.  A fine art print or photograph then placed beneath this it, to prevent the image from touching the glass.

Passe-partout serves as additional decoration to enhance the the print’s visual appeal, and it’s beveled to avoid casting shadows on the picture. In archival framing, usually acid-free passe-partout will be used to prevent mat burn, brown marks that creep in from the outside onto the print itself.

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Here are a few reasons why the passe-partout framing style is considered special and popular:

  1. Enhanced Visual Presentation
  2. Protection and Preservation
  3. Versatility and Customization
  4. Focus and Attention
  5. Conservation and Display Standards:

Passe-partout framing offers a wide range of customization options. Mat boards come in various colors, thicknesses, and textures, allowing for creative choices to complement the artwork or photograph.

The popularity of passe-partout framing can be attributed to its ability to enhance the presentation of artwork, provide protection and preservation, offer customization options, and adhere to conservation standards. It has become a favored choice for displaying art and photographs, both in professional settings and personal collections.

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