Passe-Partout Framing

Passe-Partout framing
acid-free mat framing
beveled passe-partout mat
Passe-Partout framing style
Frame with Passe-partout

Classic framing with Passe-partout style

Passe-partout framing is one of the most popular framing styles artists and photographers choose to exhibit their works. Passe-partout is the French term for a mat, a paper or, more usually, cardboard sheet with cutout, which placed under the glass but more often the acrylic sheet in a modern picture framing style.  A fine art print or photograph then placed beneath this it, to prevent the image from touching the glass.

Passe-partout serves as additional decoration to enhance the the print’s visual appeal, and it’s beveled to avoid casting shadows on the picture. In archival framing, usually acid-free passe-partout will be used to prevent mat burn, brown marks that creep in from the outside onto the print itself.

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Mounting process

With this framing style, paper are not typical glued down to the backing, as it prevents anyone in the future from being able to safely and easily remove it to replace damaged frame, backing or mat.

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