Washi Wrap Floating Frame

Washi Wrap Floater frame
mounted washi

Floater Box Frame with different styles and options

Similar to the floater frame, the Washi wrap floating frame brings additional elements to the original Washi wrap on wood panel.

You can choose between wooden floater, aluminium floater, to appreciate the unique Washi texture, it is recommend without using acrylic as cover. The fine art print is mount on wooded panel as usual, the thickness of the backing support adds a floating gap between the backdrop and the mounted picture. Makes the Washi wrap like floating from the background, to create a casting shadow on the Washi wrap.

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This floater box framing style become one of the most chosen framing styles by artists and photographers nowadays. In addtional to wooden floater, we also carry ILFORD GALERIE frames as well.

Our ILFORD GALERIE floater frames are made of high quality aluminium with an anodised finish, the floater styles quickly becomes one of the favorite framing options chosen by the contemporary galleries. Metal and wood are commonly used as box mount material.

ILFORD Floating
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