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There is no restriction, the weight in between is entirly up to you!

Split Tone Effect 1
split tone

Warm Highlight Cool Shadow

Neutral Midtone

Split Tone Effect 2
split tone

Cool Highlight, Warm Shadow

Neutral Midtone

Split Tone Effect 3
split tone

Warm Highlight, Cool Shadow

Warm Midtone

Split Tone Effect 6
split tone

Cool Highlight, Warm Shadow

Cool Midtone

ONE Neutral Grey Image

Just need a single neutral grey image and you can print to different split tone effects

When perform a tone editings, it is easy to loose track between versions and final one is likely unrepeatable. Look no furhter, we give you the Ulitmate Control of your Black and White prints. All you need is focus on a neutral grey image, and blend with mutiple tone curves at different weigth. With this approach, you will gain full control of different repeatable result including split tone with one netural grey image. 

All you need to keep is the neutral grey image
You can decide how you want it with any combination of tone curves.
More Warm


Warm > Cool

Midium Warm


Warm > Cool

Light Warm


Warm > Cool

More Cool


Cool > Warm

Light Cool


Cool > Warm

Half & Half


Cool > Warm

Neutral GreyWarm Tone

See image in Warm Tone

Neutral GreyPiezography Selenium

See image in Piezography

Neutral GreyCool Tone

See image in Cool Tone

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