Alternative art – Engraving with fine art paper

Wood engraving print with handmade “fine art paper”

We attended a wood engrave print workshop earlier, it was interesting to know fine art handmade paper has so many different application for artworks. It is not only for fine art photo printing, but also for fine art wood engrave prints, water color painting, and illustration etc.

To make a wood engrave print, we first need to create image area to receive ink before the image can be transferred on the fine art paper. A “L-shape” will be engraved on the lower corner for multi-passes registration.

We can use waterbase or pigment base ink for engrave printing. We also apply diluted glue on the wood surface before we lay the ink down, that will make help the inks being transferred on the paper surface more smooth and efficient.


Now we can add the first color, it is recommend to start from darker color on wood engrave printing. That will make the final print has better contrast, similar ink trapping theory.

Glue and ink are mixed evenly with a brush.

Put the paper on top of the engraved image after ink and glue applied.

Gently apply pressure, rub with circular motion. 

Printed with the first ink. 

Other image and color examples.

Here are some professional tools and pigment inks that nowadays wood engrave printers use.



Works done by multiple artists.


Instructor : Shiori Yamazumi 山住詩織 (Woodblock artist)


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