Tone control – Printing Black-and-White on A.I.J.P.

Tone control on Awagami InkJet Paper

Tone control

We took an alternative approach to perform tone control, it is a popular method to print Black-and-White photo without using the ICC profile. We explain what it takes when good contrast, the smoothest tone transitions are required, especially product FineArt Prints with thin Japanese WASHI. All these are accomplished by few steps: 

  • Determine the ink limit;
  • Linearize the think WASHI print media;
  • Smooth the 3 blacks tone transitions;
  • Establish the tone partitions

It is very different from using the conventional ICC base workflow. We show image examples of Neutral, Cool, Warm and Multiple toning effects from a single image source. If you are interested to read more on B/W tone control and the concept behind, there is a button to access another section. You will see more explanation of the 4 steps, what instruments and software tools are available to help you linearize the paper media and simple notes on tone transitions and ink partitions. In a nutshell, we took another approach to print Black-and-White image by using a GNU General Public License curve tool – The QuadToneRIP (QTR). With that approach we can gain more control on multiple black/gray inks transitions, without going back and forth in Photoshop to adjust the image. We can also have better control on gradation on WASHI without letting the CMM dictates the tone / color mappings.  Number of tone partitions presets (ink description files) can be developed neutral, warm, cool toning, and even cross processing without touching our original image. Using these presets or ink description files deliver repeatable results.