Hong Kong beauty with Awagami Unryu washi

A solo exhibition of Julia Krinko, Dance of tranquillity and emptiness.

Julia Krinko is a Russian artist who lives in Hong Kong. As of writing, Julia is holding her debut solo exhibition  in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre located at TST.

The exhibition title is “Dance of tranquillity and emptiness” and featured with a special theme – Hong Kong Beauty. It is 3-in1 exhibition combines with photography, painting and Chinese calligraphy all by Julia herself. We took the opportunity to chat with Julia in the opening, and asked her the story behind her projects.

<<People sometimes forget to slow down and take time to notice the beauty that surrounds them. So, my exhibition is about missing a beat, breathing in and out, and taking a look around yourself.


Julia Krinko

“Hong Kong is a very interesting city which blended with Western and Asian culture together. Hong Kong Beauty was a personal project at the beginning, I just wanted to make myself to fall in love with the city and started taking photo every 2-3 days of something eye-catching. After a while i couldn’t stop. The experience is amazing, and it also helps me to create my paintings and calligraphy”.

Julia carefully selected Awagami Unryu inkjet paper to go with her images. Awagami Unryu paper contains long and visible organic swirling Kozo fibers, added soft and classic look to the image.   Julia especially likes the cloud liked pattern  on the paper, and emerge beautifully when the paper is illuminated by the spot light.

Awagami Inkjet Paper (A.I.J.P)

Paper for professional use of artists, printers, designers, and photographers.

Washi used to be considered as papers which would not be best for digital output use. To overthrow the idea and respond the various demands from artists, designers and printers, Awagami Inkjet Paper are specially made and transformed for inkjet printer use, yet remaining the texture of existing washi.

Awagami Inkjet Paper is made to be used by professionals who also might work on mixed media with digital print, such as woodblock and etching. This special paper is suitable for such works with multiple medias as well.

Awagami inkjet paper,  Unryu was selected for the images in this exhibtion. For more information of Awagami inkjet paper product range, please visit our website (spectrart.com/store) for more information.

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